All Slice in a Day

Is anyone else feeling like it’s harder to slice once a week than it was to slice every day?

During March there was always a story that rose to the top of the day. Occasionally there were two or three, and that was fine because I could always post them the next day.

But this is harder. What’s worthy of these few lines? Which slice can represent me for the whole week?

“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.”

Before if a slice was too sentimental or introspective, the next slice could balance it out. More story. Less narration. More analysis. Add dialogue. Cute kids. School. Home. Life.

In March I was comfortable sharing flash drafts with a quick, second glance. Now I feel compelled to revise a full process piece (though this one isn’t). I’ve already thrown three crumpled balls of worthless in the trash.

I wonder if our young writers feel something akin to this in school. They can write safely in their notebooks day after day, but come time to put pencil to draft paper, or on-demand lines, the words get stuck. Hard stop.

How do we make the once-in-a-while feel just as safe as everyday home?

If you know, please share.

The alternative is slicing every day.

4 thoughts on “All Slice in a Day

  1. Interesting thoughts – I get where you are coming from. I just found it was easy to write due to the overflow of ideas not used on Saturday – Monday. I think it has to do with patterns. We got into a pattern in March and now need to set a new pattern of once a week. Although there is nothing wrong with writing more often. It is the building of a writing muscle.


  2. I hear your dilemma. It was how I felt April last year. But by May I had settled into the Tuesday routine. And I pretty much approach that post the way I did throughout March. Then I’ve joined #PoetryFriday, #Celebratelu with Ruth Ayres, and am also randomly writing and posting with other wonderful writing communities. I try to journal daily in longhand or in Notes on my Mac or iPhone, and the Tuesday slices leap out of that journaling!


  3. I DID find it harder to write today’s post vs. others daily – how odd and interesting! I think in general that the juices just flow better on some days than others. My advice is show up, get it going – it will come. That’s my experience, anyway.


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