Being Heard- Slice of Life Challenge Day 31

Sometimes I write whole treatises in my head as I drive.

I only regret that I leave them there along the sides of the road.


I want to thank the Two Writing Teachers team for hosting this month-long challenge. You gave us an outlet for our writing. It turns out audience matters (a lot). That’s something I didn’t realize as a new teacher. It’s something I thought I ‘knew’ until recently. This month I feel it in my heart.

Although I couldn’t nominate him for the New Slicers challenge, I’d like to thank a certain colleague who got me into this. The voices of respected co-practitioners mean ‘getting started’, and ‘believe in yourself.’ After this month, I’ll look for more ways to be that kind of a voice for others.

I feel gratified that a principal I’ve worked with, but never for, took the time to read my posts and pass some along to my own principal…who shared with a certain keeper of the sewing machines…each saying, in a way, ‘Look. This is worthy of notice.’ It reminds me that we don’t always know of amazing work that our colleagues are doing, but when we do, sharing it can be a way to honor it.

The voices of strangers also came to mean surprisingly more than I anticipated. Thank you to those of you who took the time to read and like or comment. I can see how social media can be intoxicating with its hits, retweets, reactions, and…actual audience. As I seek out other audiences for my own writing beginning tomorrow, I will also work to re-imagine how our writers here at PES can have real audiences who respond.

I realize that I deeply yearn to be heard. At home. In my district. In the world.

I have an itchy suspicion that we all do.

How would our world be if we listened more and truly heard each other?

Hearing you, through your posts, has left me teary, glowing, pensive, chuckling, even belly laughing. Your words bring beauty into the world and shine light on the beauty that was already here. You illuminate the dark places. You make the shiny ones glitter like summer sun on the water. You help some of us to know we are not alone…in our worldview, in our geekiness, in our passion for words and the worlds they can move or create.

Thank you, all, for writing and for listening.

You haven’t heard the last from me. I hope I haven’t heard the last from you.

5 thoughts on “Being Heard- Slice of Life Challenge Day 31

  1. This is a beautiful ending to this chapter, Katie. I especially like the ‘yearning to be heard’ notion, and yes, I agree…I think we all share this. It’s great to know that your talent has been a bit unsheathed this month, and has not gone unnoticed by people in your life, both old and new. I think we’re all looking forward to your next installments…


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