Sparkle– Slice of Life Challenge Day 27

I was reminded of the many important people outside the classrooms of our schools by Jarhartz’s post. Without these people the copiers would stay jammed and so would conference room schedules and so much of our school lives. But with them, we all rest easier in tough moments, knowing that there are people who will help us to shoulder the challenges. People who send us the Friday Eagle Eye for the week ahead with bursts of humor to balance the many commitments. These are the people who make the school sparkle.

I’ve noticed, lately, that our own fixer-in-chief has been looking less her sparkly self than usual. When trouble knocks, somehow she’s always the one barring the door. Some weeks that door is mighty heavy. And now that I think of it, there have been several heavy weeks in a row. A seeming flu epidemic leaving us short handed and under-subbed for days on end. So much so that our Queen of Sparkle put on her sneakers and headed out to cover recess duties and more. Because that’s what she does, she makes it work. Last week was full of parent conferences, which meant hundreds of chimes at the security door. The literal door. Hundreds of smiles and sets of directions, and ‘how’s it going?’s as she sent parents along their way.

I’m not sure what rock anthem we might sing for her, or if we could pull off yet another assembly just now, but those heart notes jhartz mentioned sound like a start. They would have to sparkle of course. Fortunately I just found a forgotten stash of glitter. Now let’s see which other school heroes I can recruit to man the Re-Sparkle effort.

3 thoughts on “Sparkle– Slice of Life Challenge Day 27

  1. It’s so great that you notice these heroes. Some of the more “behind the scene players” are often overlooked or their duties unnoticed. I’m sure you’ll find a way to help resparkle- just by noticing.


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