Who’dve Thunk? –Slice of Life Challenge Day 26

This is a rare weekend for us when sports will only command about 3 hours each day instead of 6 or more. It feels like a vacation. We don’t need an alarm for two days IN A ROW! The only other time this happens is summer.

So the morning started slowly.

Eventually I called downstairs to my boys that we’d get started with chores in ten minutes or so. Then I sat down with breakfast and a cup of tea…after all I had ten minutes. Before I even finished blowing across the top of my mug to take a sip, four feet thundered up the stairs to the kitchen.


The refrigerator doors opened and I could see Daniel’s head buried there looking for sustenance. He’s thirteen and the only time he isn’t hungry is when I’m trying to feed him food he doesn’t like. Miraculously, the moment that food is no longer a threat, he’s ravenous again.

Qaiden unfolded the corner cabinet to reveal the newly replenished cereal stock.

“Raisin Bran? Yes!” he chirped.

Wait. What?

It might be interesting to note here that last week there was a ridiculous sale on Cocoa Puffs. We had six boxes. That, too, was unusual and cause for celebration. This week the cabinet is decidedly low on sugar.

The scene playing out in my kitchen made me both smile and shake my head. Who’dve thunk that the raisin bran would be a hit? Or even tolerated. If I offered it to Daniel, he wouldn’t be hungry.

I thought of all the ways that Qaiden can surprise me. The contrasts and contradictions that make him, well, him.

He has always been small for his age (15-20th percentile), yet he moves through life with an intensity that makes him seem 6 feet tall. For years he would spend 20 minutes at dinner eating raw carrots and celery off the salad plate (he really likes veggies) and never quite get around to the meal in front of him. He’s the kid we had to say, “You have to stop and have some dessert, then  you can have more cucumbers.” The boy needed calories! Yet he’s the same child who strategized how to hit the maximum number of houses while trick or treating, and even put an extra bag inside the first one, hoping he could fill both.

candy hoardThese examples are microscopic compared to the deeper contradictions.

Sometimes, like this morning, he still makes me think, “Who’dve thunk?!”



3 thoughts on “Who’dve Thunk? –Slice of Life Challenge Day 26

  1. Your post reminds me of when my house had four feet thundering through our house and they would sit at the kitchen table in the morning with several boxes of cereal eating bowl after bowl of the stuff. Missing good times.


  2. I love the line, “…the only time he isn’t hungry is when I’m trying to feed him food he doesn’t like.” Also love the repetition of that line. Ah, the contradictions that make our children who they are…helping to make the job of parenting all the more mysterious. I have one that loves to just eat the veggies, too!


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