Slice of Life Challenge Day 14

There is something mesmerizing about watching the snow.

Sometimes it’s mesmerizing because it drifts weightlessly down, flake after flake. A peaceful meditation like a breath. In those moments my heart slows to the pace of the falling. Thump…thump.

Today’s is not that kind of snow.

Today my gaze is transfixed by the power and fury of snow. It is whipped relentlessly by an angry wind. That anger drives it straight ahead down the road charging an unseen foe. Then suddenly it curls back on itself as if rebuffed, swirling in a chaotic retreat. It returns wave after wave of an attack,  once more into the breach. Yet somehow within the fierce onslaught there are small islands of calm, where the flakes hover, civilians stranded between opposing forces.

My heartbeat quickens, matching the intensity of the storm.



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