#SOL19 Day 8: Ouch!

Out of the mouths of babes.

I was reading with a student about The Slacker Family. Maybe you know this one. The whole family is so lazy that when they finally realize that all of their clothes are dirty and there are piles of laundry next to some washing-thing, they just buy new clothes.

In the second story, Mr. Slacker is looking for a job. I asked this reader what kind of job she thought he should look for. With some prompting we remembered that he’s lazy so he doesn’t like to work hard. With a little more prompting…

She said, “Well, he could be a teacher. That’s kind of easy.”



Ouch, kiddo. Ouch.


I promise a more upbeat post tomorrow and I’m really excited about Monday’s post! It will be Monday’s post because I realized I don’t have pictures yet…

2 thoughts on “#SOL19 Day 8: Ouch!

  1. Every day
    is a simple day,
    right? You pull
    out the books,
    order them to read,
    and then ask them
    to write.

    No problem,
    this job as teacher
    just make sure
    you reach her, and him,

    and remember to track
    the data on the form
    you lost, and arrive
    early to the meeting
    with the boss, who
    wonders, what you
    were thinking? while
    you were doing that
    lesson that fell apart
    as you were messing
    around with curiosity

    — your answer is
    you followed your heart —

    only to go home
    with papers and an idea
    on how to do it all better
    tomorrow ’cause

    you’re a teacher


    — Kevin, in appreciation for the post

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