#SOL19 Day 6: Another 6 Word Story

Inspired by a junk drawer find and a post by a fellow slicer

Mini grandma scissors

Tiny memories of Grandma’s yesteryear projects.


I’ve only ever seen scissors like these in my Grandma’s drawers.

They are memories of sewing projects, the dresses I wore to dances, Halloween costumes, and learning to quilt.

They say, “Measure twice; cut once.”

They mean anything can be re-purposed and given another life. 

Without her, they are the tiniest scissors I’ve ever seen.

5 thoughts on “#SOL19 Day 6: Another 6 Word Story

  1. Love how you linked an object to such deep memories of a person. I once wrote a poem about my grandmother’s cast iron skillet. Thank you for this sweet little piece.


  2. I wish I had my grandmother’s scissors. I can see her sewing kit and her hands holding those scissors. To make you smile, I have those scissors in the picture inherited from literacy specialist past in the pencil cup on my desk.

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  3. Katie, this is lovely. At the end, you have this beautiful way of showing how the scissors can provide perspective of your grandmother’s physical stature. Loved the way you did that! Thanks 🙂 And sorry I haven’t been here before today…

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    • Lanny, no worries!. There are so many slicers this year. I’ve been trying to pop into old familiar favorites and new slicers who catch my eye…but it feels like the edge between drowning and swimming.

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  4. I love this sweet little reflection. The scissors in the photo spark a lot of memories for me too – my mom had scissors like that too. She also used to say “Measure twice, cut once” too! It’s good advice, I think : )


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