#SOL19 Day 5: Happy Birthday(CJ and books)

Happy Birthday, CJ. I’m so glad you shared the story of how everything you thought you knew unraveled, starting on your birthday. At first I was impressed by your unusual savvy for handling the business end of your aunt’s shows. What just-turning-12-year-old can navigate cross country with nothing but an atlas? For that matter, how many 12 year olds still know what an atlas is? But your complete disregard for learning other, shall we say more traditional subjects disappointed me. I’m with Jax on this one. You may be able to teach him to drive stick, but he’s got a point.

Anyway, as I read the beginning of your story about how your Aunt Nic was a psychic who spoke to people’s dead relatives, I felt a little uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t believe in all that. But I told myself to just wait for now and see what you believed. You really believed! And it did seem like the universe, you’d call it Spirit, was giving you these weirdly helpful (if sometimes misleading) hints. Sometimes it does seem like something out there, Far Away, might be trying to make a point. Like lights on the highway blinking off and on–they could be my memere waving hello as I drive by–but probably the bulbs are just loose or something.

And you might have just left it at the fluffy chocolate frosting, but I’m glad that your story was more like the messy mango icing. There’s more to the truth than what we might want to see from our own point of view. My own son reminds me of that pretty regularly. I remind him that no one forces us to do anything–we always make choices, whether they’re the ones we wish we had or not.

Am I from Spirit? Nah. I’m just a teacher, a mom, and a reader. Nice to meet you!


Response to Far Away by Lisa Graff, released today by Philomel Books an imprint of Penguin Young Readers.

Far Away

Happy Book Birthday also to One Speck of Truth by Caela Carter, published by Harper Collins. Neither of you knew the truth about your family. Sometimes one speck of truth changes everything.

One Speck of Truth

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