Slice of Life Challenge Day 1- Getting a Late Night Pantser Start

This is my third year in the challenge. Although the frequency of my posting has declined of late, I begin this year’s challenge already feeling like a writer. As Harry Potter said, “I knew I could do it this time because I’d already done it.”

This year I don’t worry that I’m not a writer, or that I won’t be able to think of things to write about. I generated a list of 8 different slices inspired by moments today alone. My brain was too tired this afternoon to craft any of them into something beyond a bullet point and a moment of visualization, but they were there.

This year I begin the challenge with confidence, but also an awareness that a choice to slice may be a choice not to continue blazing through books. I’ve read about 10 middle grade novels in the past 3 weeks, plus a handful of picture books. In addition to planning to slice this month, I’ve set myself an ambitious reading calendar. There are about 15 more ARCs I’m trying to read this month before they’re released. Each of those deserves at least a brief review.

I think what I’ve worked out as I wrote this, is that I’m looking forward to slicing and being part of a community of writers. I’m not willing to do it instead of reading and being part of a community of readers…so this month will become about balance.


I know I can do it because I already have. You all keep me coming back.

Now, tomorrow’s an early morning and I still have 160 pages in the book I started today. Time to read.

Good night, fellow Slicers.

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Challenge Day 1- Getting a Late Night Pantser Start

  1. Good luck with finding the balance. It’s definitely challenging to make it all work but I believe half the battle is being clear about what you desire to accomplish. You’ve got this. Happy reading and slicing!

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  2. I need more balance. Feeling tired from commitments over the last month, I have a large stack of books and an erratic writing schedule. As March rolls around, I hope to settle in, reflecting daily and adding a healthy dose of reading to add to my musing.

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