#IMWAYR It’s Monday. What Are You Reading this long weekend?

Reading during the school year comes in fits and spurts. Some of you may be starting your summer vacation, but I’ll be with students right through the end of June. So while you may be starting your summer #bookaday challenge, I snuck in a couple short books from last week’s BOGO Book Fair.

I enjoyed the first two…

from you to meFrom You to Me by K. A. Holt was a slim novel about finding oneself in the face of grief. Amelia realizes as she prepares for 8th grade to begin that she’ll be doing things that her big sister never did, since Clara died before she started 8th grade. Old friends and new, family by blood and by bond play an important role, but our choices and our hearts are ours to make and heal.

hello universeHello Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly also tells the story of kids who feel resigned to being alone. Whether or not you believe in fate like Kaori Tanaka, you’ll smile as the universe seems to push four unsuspecting middle schoolers together. Painfully shy, but loyal Virgil finds himself in deep trouble. Kaori, his maybe psychic advisor, her little sister Gen, and Valencia another client venture out to find him. With a little push from the neighborhood bully (and the universe) strangers might find more than a missing boy and his guinea pig…could it be friendship?

And I’ve also started…

serpents secretThe Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani Dasgupta. So far it feels like an Indian spin on Rick Riordan’s Lightning Thief. Kiran is completely blindsided by her parents’ disappearance on her twelfth birthday. Their puzzling note hardly seems to clear up the mystery before a snotty demon barges through her house and chases her into the company of two very different Indian princes and their flying horses. The adventure is just beginning, but already Kiran has saved one of the princes from the demon instead of waiting to be rescued. Although she’s a little swoony for the handsome prince, Kiran looks like she’s going to be a girl-power kind of princess. Which is just fine by me.

being the change coverBeing the Change by Sara K. Ahmed   To be fair I started this book last week and it isn’t from the book fair. This is a professional read that’s been on my radar for a little while. This one is going to change how I look at my teaching. It will change how I look at students. It’s one I’m going to need to talk about with colleagues. I’m plotting how to get copies for half the teachers at my school. For the other half, I’m plotting how to get copies of Kids First from Day One  by Christine Hertz and Kristine Mraz. If you have 10 or 12 copies of each title stashed away somewhere, let me know!

kids first from day one

Meanwhile…I’ll be reading.

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