#SOL18 Complete but Not Farewell

The timer ticks down the  minutes until these concoctions need to come out of the oven.

The boys are long since in bed. I might have been, too, if I’d counted the eggs right yesterday afternoon. But 45 matzo balls and last minute hard boiled eggs meant a trip to the store tonight when I discovered I was 10 eggs short.

Its been an overlapping blur of whisking, blending and simmering since I returned.

15:00 minutes left on the timer.

One last post for the challenge.

Thank you to all the Two Writing Teachers for hosting this challenge and building a community that makes it both possible and rewarding. Thanks to those of you who have read and responded to my posts. As a late night slicer through most of March, it was delightful to wake up to your words of encouragement or camaraderie first thing in the mornings.

I couldn’t have managed to get both the lemon bars and creme  brûlée ready for the oven simultaneously without a little help in the kitchen. And I couldn’t have juggled school, home, tournaments…and slicing this month without all of you.

Just as I eagerly anticipate eating these desserts tomorrow, I look forward to reading many more slices from you in the year ahead.

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. And Happy Writing!


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