#SOL18 Day 29 Numb Tongue

Daniel met us at the door when we drove in.

“How’d it go?” he called to his brother.

As I passed him in the doorway I teased, “es gohh nunnnm tuuuunm.”

“What?” his eyebrows quirked in confusion.

Qaiden came in carrying his milkshake. “asdfkj fjeio ;lksj ruei jiewj.” It was completely unintelligible. I shook my head and chuckled.

Daniel’s eyebrows arched higher.

“He’s got numb tongue, numb tongue!” I explained. “It was the Novocaine.”

Understanding dawned. The eyebrows settled into their normal places and the corner of his mouth quirked up.

We spent the next five minutes making Qaiden try to say things so we could laugh at how ridiculous it sounded. Q laughed right along with us.


To top it off, I got him a milkshake since he couldn’t chew for a couple hours. I got myself one, too. And Rich’s shakes are about a pint of ice cream in a cup with a straw! No need to cook. *wink*



One thought on “#SOL18 Day 29 Numb Tongue

  1. I needed a laugh today, thanks. I loved the description of Daniel when his “mouth quirked up” because I could just see his brain thinking of all the silly things he would want his brother to say. I would take a milkshake for dinner any day!

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