#SOL18 Day 21 If I’d Take My Own Advice

All day yesterday you could find little knots of teachers, aides, office staff, even parent volunteers, comparing the latest forecasts and speculating about the odds of a snow day today (The consensus? Based on patterns of close/no close decisions–High), and lobbying for an emergency early dismissal instead of missing the whole day. We practically begged the universe for only a delay. The alternative was cutting April break short.

At home I rallied my kids to follow their ordinary school night routine and get to bed on time, because “there’s no guarantee there will be a snow day. Probably you’ll get to sleep in; if you need to get up, I’ll come get you.” Happily, they followed my advice. Hence when my alarm went off this morning and I went to wake them up, there was no groaning or sluggishness.

For them, it was a bonus day–home before lunch time.

I was convinced, however much I hoped it would be an early dismissal, that school would be closed. Our superintendent is retiring at the end of the year. If there have been snow flakes, she’s closed school. If there’s been cold rain, she’s closed school. One day she even closed school when there turned out to be no precipitation at all. I’m convinced that she thinks she’s made it this far without someone getting hurt, she’s not going to risk it. If past experience was any predictor of future actions, I’d be able to quickly check for the closing announcement when my alarm went off and then straight back to sleep.

Did you hear it? The ominous background music?

So I stayed up late writing my pantser slice, reading and commenting on other blogs. It was indulgent and I enjoyed it. Then–because why not?–I turned out the lights and fired up Netflix on the laptop from bed. For some people being social refuels them, for others it’s active play like running or sports, for me it’s story. So when the episode ended with a cliff hanger and Netflix automatically started the next one, I was glued. And why not?

Two or three episodes later my eyelids were drooping. I closed the cover of the laptop and stashed it next to the bed. I was asleep almost before I peeled the headphones off.

Moments later–however many moments there are in about four hours–my alarm went off. I groped blindly for my cell phone to turn off the alarm. Then twisting it around so I could see the screen I saw a blurry red dot indicating a text message. Yes! I clicked to open it. Squinting through sleep bleary eyes I read: All R15 schools will be on an emergency early dismissal today.

I should have taken my own advice!

I got what I wanted…but also what I deserved.

9 thoughts on “#SOL18 Day 21 If I’d Take My Own Advice

  1. We are also wishing for no more snow days. I’d definitely take a delay. I love how you wrote this and that you were the one who actually stayed up late doing all those fun things we might do when we know there’s a snow day. I hope you at least enjoyed your night.


  2. I was happy we had an early dismissal today. What about tomorrow? As much as I would love to stay home, a delay will be fine. Next time you want to binge watch a show, check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. It’s terrific!


  3. I love both Maisel and Gilmore Girls. I’m with you.. love stories and typically listen to podcasts before I go to bed. This story was wonderful and kept me glued to see what happened. It’s awful going to bed not knowing if you have to get up or not the next morning!


  4. Ah, Katie! I’ve caught myself in the “Next episode is about to start” trap many times! It’s so seductive, and your piece brings that to light. This winter has been insane! Hope you were able to go back to sleep after the delay call!


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