#SOL18 Day 4 Excuse Note

Dear Digital Universe,

Please excuse @ureadiread today. She’s home with a cold. Well, actually she’s been out all day, but now that she’s home it’s NyQuil and straight off to sleep. She expects to return to writing tomorrow.

Sleep well.

@ureadiread‘s excuse note writer


Sometimes as a grown-up I wish I could still have my mom write me a note when the world just feels too big and busy. But at some point we had to take over that decision for ourselves.

I still remember a day during my senior year of high school. I felt awful. Fever, you name it. My mother was trying to steer me back to bed. I was arguing that I HAD to be at school, there was a test in one of my AP classes.  I have no idea whether I did or didn’t go to school that day. But somebody else had the power to say-Nope. Not today. And somehow everything will work out.

I half wish someone would make that choice for me tomorrow. My mom/teacher self would push through just about anything, but the 11 year-old version of me just wants pajamas. Either way, I know that everything will work out…but will it be with a portable box of tissues for the sniffle or a guilt trip?

5 thoughts on “#SOL18 Day 4 Excuse Note

  1. Katie! If you’re not well, by all means stay home. Your post brought back those times when we know we were…well, too old for a note from Mommy. And yet that’s what we so desperately wanted. Feel better!

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