#SOL18 Day 1


Once upon a time…

In the beginning…

It was a dark and stormy night!


Not sure how to get started on your writing this month for the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge? Me neither.

I know that starting later today there will be countless small moments that will catch my attention. Little things that turn out to be the big things in life. Any one of them will suffice and delight for the remaining posts, but firsts of anything can be hard. There’s an unspoken pressure to make a good first impression or get off on the right foot.

Left foot, left foot

Right foot right…

But gently into the pool just prolongs the agony. So here you are. Jump in with both feet…or, if you’re sure it’s the deep end go ahead and dive!

Chances are you’ll bob to the surface, take a big gasp of air and level out. And really, one of the reasons I was a swimmer is because, once you’re in the water…you can’t fall.

And, don’t worry. You aren’t swimming alone. We’ve got plenty of others in the pool this month. From time to time, defog your goggles and do a buddy check.

Follow your own pool schedule. Some days will be a playful open swim, others you’ll be pushing yourself hard in practice. All the yards add up.

Although you may find your fingers and toes a little pruny when you climb out. It’s only a sign of all the fun you’ve had. You’ll be stronger, too!

Just be careful of the backstroke bar on your way out! I got a concussion on one of those in college. Ouch…In fact, maybe it’s safer to just stay in the pool and write forever.


10 thoughts on “#SOL18 Day 1

  1. WOW! As a swimmer myself, I love how you used it as a metaphor for writing. I also loved your beginning! You also got me to realize how much I haven’t thought about swimming in a while or ever. Pruning fingers! The idea of never falling…never thought about that! But have bonked my head into the wall because I was in the zone and forgot to count my strokes from the flags! When I get stuck this month, I’m returning to your post to be nudged along! Thanks.


  2. Katie, I always admire your writing and the way you can weave a metaphor consistently through your writing. Love the image of not being able to “fall” when you’re in the water! Thanks!


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