Clickety clack. Clickety clack. Kicking off our blogging workshop.

You know they’re hooked when the bell rings

and the click clacking of keys doesn’t even slow down. 

Today I greeted a new crop of Reading Ambassadors at the front door before school. There were grins and waves as they piled out of cars at the curb or hustled down the sidewalk from the parking lot. A returning 5th grade Ambassador manned the clipboard and checked everyone in before meeting in the library.

By the time I met them there, Mrs. Mastropietro had everyone logged into our Google Classroom. Then we met at the carpet.

Blogging Ideas:

After reading a book – blog about feelings and connections
Book recommendations after reading a book
Blog about experiences of feeling stuck when trying to find a book to read, etc
Practice reading lessons when blogging
Blog posts about characters – letters to characters
Blog about life lessons
Blog about a series of books
Things that you love to do or things that you love
Comparing books with other books, Like Try Why

We shared what we knew so far about blogs (more than I expected!), brainstormed the kinds of things we might blog about, and shared a mentor blog by theLivBits.


The group noticed so much about her blogging style. TheLivBits often starts with a question as a hook. She always ends with the same tagline, “Keep reading! Keep thinking!” Her post is full of feeling and shares a kind of life lesson. In addition, they noticed how she recommended the book Now without ever having to say, “Go read it.”

Then came the best part!

Our blogging Ambassadors were off to start their own very first posts.

Heads huddles around laptops. Fingers searched out the next letter. And thoughts emerged on the screens around the library. The clickety clack was interrupted only by a search, here or there, for just the book they were thinking of.

A gentle warning announced the final two minutes. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.

The harsh buzzer of a bell sounded to declare school was starting. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.

Nary a one blinked. Still fingers pecked at keyboards. Still thoughts emerged. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.

Finally, the spell was broken.

One by one writers  closed their computers and gathered their backpacks and lunches. Two by two or in clumps of three they waved and ventured out to meet the day.

That sound will be with me all day. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.

Happy writing, everyone!




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