Designing a Learning Lounge


You don’t know it yet, but this is a call to action.

OK, now you know!


The Connecticut Reading Association is planning something new for our fall conference to be held in November. Inspired by the ILA conference, we’re trying to coordinate a Learning Lounge space. The idea is that when we go to a conference we can learn from and be energized by the big name speakers and prominent experts, but we’re also energized and wowed by fellow teachers who are doing innovative and engaging things in their little corners of the literacy world. Sometimes the sideline conversations are as valuable as the main event. After all, we’re surrounded by people who love what we love!

The Learning Lounge is designed to be a less formal space where sessions run about 30 minutes and may even be interactive. At ILA I loved the publishers’ preview sessions, but I also enjoyed the home-grown title talks by a group of teachers who gathered because we all love middle grade literature. I’m imagining our Learning Lounge as a place where we put faces to the names of our Twitter pals. I’ve read about amazing ideas, practices, strategies, and projects in your blogs. You are local experts. And if I love reading what you’re up to in a weekly slice, just think how cool it would be to hear about it in person!


Here’s the Call to Action part:

What kinds of Learning Loungey things can you imagine? Are you headed to the CRA conference this fall and you’d like to participate? (I’m thinking of a certain small town poet. One of the TWT partners who happens to be local. And you!)

I have dreams of my digital PLN (that’s you) and my real world literacy life coming together.

Help me imagine this into a lively, relevant, and successful new feature of our conference. Please. And thank you.

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