Wish– It’s Monday What Are You Reading?


There are often moments in life that feel unsatisfying. We each have our own troubles that feel big and important. We don’t all have the gift of looking at whatever our day brings and feeling content and even grateful.

Charlie doesn’t.

And you might say her washline full of troubles hangs heavy–father in jail, mother sunk into a debilitating depression, separated from her sister and shipped off to live with relatives she barely knows in a run-down mountain town past the edge of nowhere.

Every single day Charlie makes the same wish. She’s found a hundred different ways to wish. But her wish still hasn’t come true.

Fortunately, Charlie meets people with the gift of appreciating the fullness of life, people whose idea of rich is different–richer. And a stubbornly stray dog.

Thanks to Howard, Jackie, Gus and Bertha she learns. And when Wishbone finds a real home, maybe Charlie can, too.

If you know Hollis Woods or Gilly Hopkins, if you’ve met someone who hasn’t found their home, you’ll recognize Charlie. Even if when you hang your troubles up next to the troubles of others, you’d rather keep your own, you’ll find in Charlie a kindred spirit. Many of us wish we were better than we are, but also learn that we are enough.


“If all our troubles were hung on a line, you’d choose yours and I’d choose mine.”

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