It’s Monday What Are You Reading?


Thanks to the buzz on Twitter, I’m reading Erin Downing’s Moon Shadow. Although I haven’t quite caught up to Lucia’s shadow (nor has she, yet) I’m enjoying the writing. It’s the kind that feels invisible, leaving only the story and not so much an awareness of reading them.

I feel a little fractured myself, though, as I’m reading it. Like Lucia, one part of me is thinking one thing, and another part is focused on something else entirely. The part of me that’s just reading for me is tripping happily along through this story. The teacher-brain part of me is wondering whether my elementary students are ready for the relationship boyfriend-girlfriend drama. (There’s my Lucia-like caution stepping in.) When I stand back I think that my 4th and 5th graders will be fine with it. It actually seems to have the message that there’s no rush. Just because some people may be moving on to “grown up” things, you can still just be friends with the boy next door without it having to be a big deal.

I look forward to reading the rest in stolen moon shadow moments this week.

Next up…A Guide to the Reading Workshop, chapter 6. (Not quite the same)

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