Today, A Pantser–Slice of Life Challenge Day 15

pantser-image (1) Not always, but today I am.

Beware the Ides of March!

Ode to a Hot Bath

Sore is a 4-letter word

Kindness of Neighbors

The Story Written in the Surface of the Snow

The Promise of Bacon

Dreaming a New Writing Refuge

So far in this challenge one idea has always snapped into place at the front of my brain insisting that I write about it. One time it kicked me in the seat of my skirt and insisted that I write it at that very moment. Today, maybe because my routine is non-existent on snow day x2, maybe because my muscles are sore from yesterday’s shoveling (but in a whiny way that even I don’t want to hear in print), maybe the harsh light of midday that is unkind to photos is also unsuited for seeing hidden slices etched in the surface of the snow…who knows why?

Perhaps this indecision is what I should beware today.

Today I will revel in all of your slices. Maybe tonight (if I get bacon and a hot bath and summon the resolve to shovel my absent neighbor’s driveway–not necessarily in that order) I’ll feel less pantsy and more like writing.

For now, I’m going to go dream up a new writing refuge that would shield me from random distractions and nurture…something.



2 thoughts on “Today, A Pantser–Slice of Life Challenge Day 15

  1. There are those days when writing just don’t come. It hides from us. Then it is best to put a few words down and walk away. Something will show up later. Reading other slices does help at times. Happy reading!


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